Professional Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dreams can be of many forms, having your own office is one of them. After years of hard work and endless suffering an office is like a second home but with years of all the people walking in it and constant hand brushing on the walls are prone to leave a mark. Wear and tear are common in office spaces in very little time but with constant maintenance, it could last a lifetime. We at Jassem Azarooni provide professional office cleaning services. From window panes, air ducts to carpets we got it all.

We have a team of professionals who will take care of the work as per the needs and standards. We provide office building cleaning services where we make sure we clean the outer walls/glass panels and keep the shining new. When you want to impress a client or an equal business partner, the way you treat your building says a lot about how much you care for the business. We also understand cleaning office buildings comes with its difficulties as covering larger spaces with very little time without disturbing the work hours of your clients and your employees.

How we perform Office Cleaning Services

In achieving perfect cleaning, we adapt some basic steps to get the work done more effectively and on time.
  • An inspection is made, to access the space that needs cleaning. We look out for tough spots, spaces where hands cannot reach and take account of it for deep cleaning.
  • Our team arrives after office hours and starts the work from regular vacuuming to the deep cleaning of air ducts. Anything other than these like polishing marbles are done in the day.
  • We use special cleaning agents that are mild to your things but effective on the stains. We follow standard guidelines and maintain the utmost professionalism when performing the cleaning.
  • Our cleaning includes, window panes, tables, chairs, sofas, carpets, air ducts, glass and wooden doors, bathroom sanitations and regular maintenance of the office building.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We provide commercial office cleaning services at affordable rates. We have hundreds of customers who are satisfied with the quality of work we do. They actively rely on us for all their future needs as well. We have a professional team who are trained as per the industry standards and with years of experience under their wealth. They use cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly and are mild on your things. They make sure all your things and furniture are spotless clean.

We also provide other services such as carpet cleaning services, home cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, etc. To know more about the services we do and to avail them contact us and an employee from your team will get in contact with you shortly.

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