Professional Maid Services in Dubai

Dubai is a growing city, where more and more people are carrier oriented and have less time to clean their homes. While it may not present itself as a problem initially, it becomes a place where dust and dirt are collected. Having kids around will intensify the problem since they are more prone to spills and accidents. Having personal help may not be affordable to everyone. We at Jassem Alzarooni provide professional maid services in Dubai. We have professional maids who are experienced and can take care of housekeeping without any supervision.

We understand you spending time with family is precious, with the hectic daily routine if you can get a day off you do not want to think about cleaning the house. Leave it to us! Our maids are reliable and can be hired both for part-time maid services and full-time maid services in Dubai. Our maids are trained to handle delicate furniture and accessories at your home/ office. They take extra care in handling your property. They are equipped with modern cleaning supplies and accessories to help get the job done on time.

Trusted House Maid Agency in Dubai

We are one of the trusted housemaid service agencies in Dubai. We take extra precautions when hiring a maid. A thorough background check is done before they are appointed. They are all trained professionally and know how to use the latest equipment which will reduce manpower work drastically and provide clean results every time. We understand you have concerns and every concern is addressed before a maid is appointed.

Reasons you should hire our maid services in Dubai
  • Reliability – Our housemaids are highly reliable. They are hired based on the background checks and only sent alone to work only when they complete the required training set by the company. You can trust them with your delicate furniture and artifact to be taken care of.
  • Time management – Our housemaids are professionally trained hence possess impeccable time management skills. If the property/office space is large and with less time to complete cleaning more than one maids are appointed to get the work done in the preferred time frame.
  • Cost-Effective – While we understand hiring a full-time helper/servant can be hard on the pockets hiring a maid is surprisingly cost-effective.
  • Monthly/fulltime/ part-time maid services - We have maids who can work part-time while you are away on work and full-time maids who come in regularly to get the work done daily.

Best House Maid Services in Dubai

We have trusted customers all around Dubai who prefer our maid services. We take client satisfaction seriously, there are times when certain maids are called again by name for future works. Our maids use cleaning products which are not toxic and are environment friendly. They also have access to modern equipment to help them with the cleaning process cutting manpower into half. To know more about the Housemaid services in Dubai contact us. We also provide other cleaning services which you can choose from as per your needs.

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